img026Growing up there were to two things that I obsessed over, well perhaps three if we throw girls in the mix. The first was records (the vinyl kind) and the other was Stussy gear. It started with a fascination with the advertisements in the skate magazines, escalated into a closet of full of gear and for little while, in the late eighties, I had a real problem.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I walked the streets looking like a member of Big Audio Dynamite the tour bus left behind. Thats me in the picture back in the day btw…. I was shockingly thin because all my money went to records and gear but it was a magic time in my life where music was the engine to everything and Stussy was an extension of that spirit. The early Stussy advertisements were a fantastic mix of subversion and cool that seem to embody everything I was trying to be at the time.  The fun would not last though and somewhere in the middle of global domination Shawn Stussy got up and left his company to do some surfing and never came back. I also got older and moved beyond the graphic t-shirt and the pork piehats to more refined things. Well all these years later Shawn Stussy is back with a new endeavor called S/Double and once again it’s captured my imagination. The graphic approach will look familiar but it’s vastly different from what Stussy is currently doing. S/Double speaks to the spirit of the kid I used to be but in a grown up voice so it’s not all nostalgia. He’s still got a voice and plenty of things to say it seems. It’s possible that this will also blow up and go global but I seriously doubt that’s the thinking or the intention.  Take a look for yourself.



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